Your health is the most important thing you have, so take care of it.
Cath is passionate about helping you to naturally and holistically improve your health.

Cath’s purpose is to help you uncover obstacles impeding you
from being the healthiest you can be.

Energetic healing has incredible power to bring harmony and wellness into your life. However, we must not neglect the physical body. Cath understands the importance of assessing your nutritional health and explores the possibility that there may be an underlying deficiency, toxicity, food intolerance or an infection undermining your health. 

Feel calm, centred and balanced.

Be positive about your choices in order to move forward towards better health.

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When I started seeing Cath I was physically and emotionally exhausted, having trouble concentrating, losing my balance and getting dizzy spells. I’d lost my joy of life and was using most of my energy trying to hide my symptoms, especially from the people I work with. My doctor had tested for several diseases but hadn’t reached a diagnosis and I was worried that if my symptoms continued I would lose my job. After sending me for a few tests and doing some muscle testing, Cath helped me to recognise that the majority of my problems were caused by mineral imbalances, too much copper in my bloodstream and a fungal infection. With patience and good humour she guided me through the lifestyle and diet changes that I needed to make to get my life back on track. I won’t pretend that it was easy; I love food! But, my health has returned, I’m full of energy, I’ve lost weight and Cath helped me to see that the food I’m eating now is not only better for me, it’s more delicious than what I used to eat because I don’t suffer from the same side effects! Thanks Cath, you’re a lifesaver!

A Kelly