Cath approaches health holistically and views her role as being a detective. She searches for the underlying reasons why illness has occurred and seeks to treat the cause. Cath provides a different perspective to what you may receive from a mainstream health professional. Holistic health is focused on exploring all aspects of:
energetic body
physical body
diet & lifestyle
Symptoms often occur because something is out of balance in your body. If we address only the symptom, we may miss treating the underlying cause. You will be given practical guidance as to how you can naturally alleviate your symptoms through addressing the cause and gently bring your body back into balance.
Discover the reasons why you have developed illness.
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Cath’s Story

QUALIFICATIONS: Dual Diploma in Health Science: Holistic Kinesiology & Mind Body Medicine; Masters of Education; Bachelor of Arts; Aromatic Kinesiology; Cert IV Aromatherapy; Australian Bush flower Essences Level One; Crystal Kinesiology; Advanced Diploma Homeopathy (currently undertaking)

Do you …

• want to improve your health
• feel that something isn’t right
• know you should be healthier
• feel stressed all the time
• feel depressed / anxious
• feel tired all the time
• have trouble sleeping
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I’d just broken up with my boyfriend, work was driving me crazy and I was depressed – I felt like I was falling apart. A friend recommended I see Cath. I knew nothing about kinesiology and was unsure about what to expect. I found Cath easy to talk to and really enjoyed the sessions. She made me realise what was important in my life and what I needed to let go of. I always feel so good after a consultation, lighter and happier. Thanks Cath!

P Jenkins

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