Heal with nature’s medicine

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to heal the body. Essential Oils are the parts of plants (extracted by distillation) that deter bugs and attract pollinating insects, the oil is said to be heart and soul of the plant.
You can use essential oils for First Aid to treat infections, heal wounds, for headache, digestive complaints and all kinds of aliments. They can also be used alter mood; enhancing energy and vitality or to calm and sedate.
You could choose to use them for cleaning purposes in the home, to deter insects and even in cooking.
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AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE: If you’ve never experienced the therapeutic power of essential oils before, you should try an aromatherapy massage. Give yourself an hour of pure indulgence that will leave you feeling calm, balanced and reinvigorated.
Essentials oils work to: soothe inflammation, destroy infection, relax muscles, calm the central nervous system, release emotional stress and harmonise the energy in your body.
Put simply, leaves you feeling well.
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