Closeup on tummy of pregnant woman, wearing long green dress, ho

NATURAL BIRTH TOOLS: acupressure points & essential oils for labour

Has your doctor mentioned being induced and you’d rather go naturally? Would you like to gently speed up the first stage of labour and assist in the progress of the early stages of  labour? Would you like to know more…

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Enhance Brain Function: calm anxiety, focus your mind

Primary Brain Points are acupressure points on your skull that stimulate the flow of blood, cerebral spinal fluid and energy in the cranium. They can be used to calm the mind and enhance mental focus. By applying essential oils onto…

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Passion & purpose

My heart soars, my mind stills, my senses sing – I feel so alive and connected to the vastness of existence. My true passion and constant love is surfing. Whatever is going on in my life, I always ‘find myself’…

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Probiotics reduce allergies & inflammatory response

The media this week was publicising recent research proving that probiotics worked effectively to ‘cure’ or drastically reduce the allergic response cause by a peanut allergy. We had similar results by giving our highly sensitive / allergic daughter regular daily…

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Oligoscan – scientific analysis of minerals in your body

Do you take supplements? If yes, why? If no, do you think you may need them? How do you know if you’re deficient in something? How can you tell if taking a supplement has actually affected your physiology? The answer…

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Food sensitivity testing explained

On the back of the overwhelming response I received to my blog “Eczema: treat the cause, not the symptom” I thought it would be beneficial to explain the difference between allergy testing and food sensitivity/intolerance testing. At Holistic Health Advice…

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Eczema – treat the cause, not the symptom

Eczema: a picture speaks a thousand words. And what you see on her face is the start, it was also all over her body and particularly bad in her elbow and knee creases. Scroll to the bottom to see the…

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Unexplained weight gain – explained!

Unexplained weight gain was the primary reason this client visited me. Other symptoms included: restless sleep, waking unrefreshed, depression, low energy and vitality. She had seen her GP, undergone several tests and not been given any clear reason for her...Read More
Essential oils for health

Essential oils for the cold and flu season

Prevention is better than cure. To help keep your family healthy this winter try using essential oils. Many essential oils are antiseptic and bactericides. Some oils are anti-fungal and there are even oils which have been proven to kill nasty…

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