Every session involves holistic kinesiology as it is one of the primary tools Cath uses to help find stress in the body. Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring as a tool to find stress and gather information about your mind, body and spirit. Kinesiology opens doors to healing through guiding us to what your body needs to experience in order heal.

Kinesiology recognises the alignment of mind, body and spirit is critical for good health. In each session your body will be assessed for how your energy flows and is balanced

Cath is trained to study your physical structure and assess the movement and function of muscles. By testing certain muscles we get bio-feedback about the associated Qi flow and the ability of the muscle to do its job correctly. Once identified, these muscles can then be brought into balance. Cath is trained in basic massage and offers aromatherapy massages to release stress from aching muscles and restore energetic balance.

Cath’s Chinese Medicine training has taught her to read the body’s subtle energies through pulse diagnosis and through testing each meridian; she then is able to select specific acupressure points that will bring your body’s energy back into balance.

Mind Body Medicine teaches us that the mind has incredible power to influence physical health. Being a holistic practitioner who values the beliefs of Mind Body Medicine theology, Cath explores how our psychology can physiologically affect our body.

Counselling: Talking about what is troubling you; physically and emotionally, is the first step towards feeling well. Relationship-stress, marriage breakdown, over thinking, worrying, playing scenarios over in your mind, holding onto things, angry outbursts, feeling rejected or hurt all contribute to causing illness and disease. Emotional and mental health has a huge influence on our physical health. For this reason, Cath believes that counselling is crucial to guiding you towards improved health. Cath has experience working with people suffering from depression, anxiety and other mental illness. One of the benefits of seeing Cath for counselling is that she is able to help you release this emotional stress so that you end a session feeling calm, centred and balanced. Cath will give you practical tools and strategies you can implement yourself to continue your healing journey once you leave the clinic.

Cath listens closely to everything you say and endeavours to identify limiting or negative beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your potential. Our thoughts are infinitely powerful and greatly affect our health and well being. Cath can help you to connect to what you need to let go of and what you need to bring into your life in order for you to confidently move forward.