Find out what’s on the inside

Do you want to know your levels of calcium, zinc, magnesium and more … then you must get an Oligoscan test and find out!

Supplements are only beneficial if you actually need them. Find out your levels of essential minerals like: iron, potassium, manganese and more. This test also reveals heavy metal toxicity.

Mineral imbalance or deficiency can be the reason for numerous health complaints. Get yourself tested today and find out if you could be healthier simply by balancing your mineral levels.

The cutting edge Oligoscan makes, in real time, a precise analysis of the minerals in the skin and peripheral blood vessels. No biopsy, blood or hair sample is needed. Make a small investment of $95 to gain valuable information about 20 essential minerals and 15 heavy metals in your body.

Oligoscan uses Spectrophotometry to measure the optical density of the trace elements, minerals and heavy metals, currently present in the tissues.

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